Biking on Chincoteague: The Loop

When we first moved to Chincoteague Island almost three years ago today, I remember it being the most windiest place I’d ever seen.  March is horrible on the island as far as wind goes but we do have our moments (today is supposed to be almost 60 and nary a drop of wind at this point anyway so I guess we’re having our moment) when the day is just right for bicycling.

That’s. All. The. Tourists. Do. Here.

Of course, I was all caught up in the moment and declared I was going to buy two bicycles and do what I couldn’t do the last place we lived.  Oh. The. Joy.

There are scads of places to ride your bike and “the loop” was one of the biggest challenges for me (besides the 10 mile ride my son and I did that summer going from here to the beach).

But let me tell you about this loop.  When you go through the wildlife refuge on the way to the beach, it’ll be on one of those side turnoffs after you go through the toll that allows you on the refuge ($5 for cars; free for bikes).

Chincoteague Loop

So here we are and here are my shiny new Walmart special custom bikes.  Mine is the purple; my son’s is the red.  Because we didn’t want to ride the bikes all the way from home to the refuge, we stashed them in the back of the truck to save us some energy for the long ride around the loop.

Chincoteague - The Loop 2

And this is the scenery – or some of it.  As soon as you enter the loop, nothing but wildlife, wildlife, wildlife.  Certain times of the year, the loop is closed so that migrating birds can have sanctuary or breed or whatever it is they do there *must make note to find out what exactly they do do there*.  But whatever it is, it makes for the most peaceful ride.  No sounds but nature sounds.

Chincoteague - The Loop 3

And this is what it likes going around the first half of the loop.  Wide open spaces…a car every now and then…and plenty of bikers.  Makes me miss that warm weather.  BTW, Chincoteague is known for its huge mosquito population.  A word of advice would be to do this sometime early afternoon and before 4 p.m. if you’re planning on doing it in the summer or those pesky varmints will carry you out alive.

Chincoteague - The Loop 4

On the first go around on the loop, there’s a road off to your side that allows bikes (some are marked off for people who drive you nuts by not letting you take the most scenic routes authorized vehicles).  This is a picture of my son down one of them.

Chincoteague - The Loop 5

And here’s the best part.  Be prepared to go to the beach!  Only for bikers is a turnoff, halfway around the loop, where you can park your bike and go lay out on a beach that has about 1/8 of the traffic the main beach has.  I never even knew this was there and I wouldn’t have even found it if not on bike.

Makes me wish for those warm weather days!

Until next time, wavinghand

Island Chick

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8 Responses
  1. rebecca says:

    such beautiful countryside. Makes me wish spring would hurry up and get here.

  2. Kathy Holmes says:

    Nice, Dorothy! So missing the beach!!
    Kathy Holmes´s last blog ..My Town Monday: The 9th Island My ComLuv Profile

  3. Island Chick says:

    Thanks for your comment Becky! Me too!

  4. Island Chick says:

    Kathy! So happy to see you here!

  5. Island Chick says:

    Hey Kathy, I tried commenting on your blog but it won’t give me a place to write my email address so it declines me but I see others have made comments…I’ll try again.

  6. Oh man . . . I’d be out on my bike every friggin’ day with scenery like that! All I have is dirt, rocks, and cactus. I guess it’s a bonus not having the mosquitoes. You are on lucky chick!

  7. Island Chick says:

    Oh but I would loooove to see cactus, Jeff! I have a memory of cactus driving from VA to California when I was a kid, but would love to see it as an adult. Are they as prickly as they say they are?

  8. Dick says:

    Hi Dorothy!

    This looks like a good blog subject for you and this is sure a beautiful place, especially for biking. I’ve been able to go out on a few local rides on my new bike but like you am looking forward to true spring/summer weather for some longer trips. Our winter has not been as harsh as usual but it still isn’t ideal biking weather. My town does have some nice bike trails and when I go down into the farming area it is pretty flat. I think I need to add a bike rack to the back of our new Prius (no, we haven’t had any problems with ours!) I can’t seem to log onto the Blogrolling site in order to make changes to the blogs I have in my list so for the present will just have to leave your older one there but as long as you have a link to this one, it will work.
    Dick´s last blog ..Spring has sprung, at least here! My ComLuv Profile

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