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Baby Boomer Television Memories

I was watching TV yesterday and a familiar song was played on one of the new  commercials – forgetting which one – and I sat up and yelled to my daughter who was sitting across the room, “That’s Captain Kangaroo!”  I daresay she knew who or what I was talking about so I had to remind her she watched the show sitting in her high chair when she was only one year old.  But I remember the Captain.  The shows she was watching were syndicated on PBS, but I remember the original Captain.  And Mr. Green Jeans.  Bunny Rabbit.  Mr. Moose.  The show first aired in ‘55 and I was just a very very small child but I grew up watching him.  When baby boomer television memories pop into my head, Captain Kangaroo is the first one I think of.  Nothing flashy, just good old-fashion kid-like entertainment.  The Captain isn’t with us anymore so in his tribute, here is what he was all about:

But my favorite was Lassie.  I saw Jon Provost in the Hollywood Lane Christmas Parade when I was about eight years old.  Sitting on the curb watching him go by on the float, man, I was in heaven.  Lassie played every Sunday night just after The Wonderful World of Disney.  I remember playing outside and I wanted to watch the show and play outside at the same time so I’d run up to the window and watch it until commercial time.

And how about The Lone Ranger?  I remember an apartment I used to live in with my mother, aunt, and sister somewhere in Burbank, California.  This was just after my step-father left and we rented this apartment near where my aunt worked.  This was the same apartment that I found out that JFK had been shot.  I walked home from school that day so the apartment wasn’t that far from there, but I remember there was a gun holster with a play pistol up in my aunt’s closet where we couldn’t reach it.  I knew it was for someone else as it was brand new and probably waiting to become a little boy’s birthday present or something but I just had to have it.  I finally talked my aunt into giving it to me and the added bonus was it was a CAP gun.  Oh man the neighbors must have hated me.  Of course, this was before JFK was shot as no one wanted kids playing with guns after that.

And how many people remember Rin Tin Tin and Rusty?  How many people went out and named their dog after Rin Tin Tin and wow did Rusty become popular that year.

How about The Three Stooges?  Wow, bet you wouldn’t believe it was a kid’s show with all that violence!

And my most favorite of all.  This show reminds me so much of my mother.  It was OUR absolutely favorite show to watch together.

You know, sometimes trips don’t involve leaving your own home. ;o)

Until next time, wavinghand

Island Chick

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