Bucket List: Underwater Hotel Room?

Underwater hotel room

Is. This. To. Die. For. Or. What.

In looking for just the right places to go on vacation, it’s also nice to find rooms to stay in that are a bit different.  Don’t get me wrong, I love hotel rooms despite the fact that everyone else in the galaxy has probably slept in the same bed, but no matter where they are, it’s still vacation and everyone needs time away, right?

But this is out of this world.  Can you imagine waking up to that?

According to StyleFrizz, it’s called The Poseidon Undersea Resort and is the world’s first 40 feet underwater hotel that opened in 2009. It has six restaurants, seven bars, dive shop, water sports center, retail boutique, library/lounge, theater, conference room, wedding chapel, nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, you can actually feed the fish when pushing a button from a control console.

I can’t find anything to hate about this except for the fact well it is 40 FEET UNDERWATER.  We travel back and forth over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and believe me when you get to the tunnel part, it’s hard to fathom there is so much water over you and then you start getting a little psychotic thinking what if it breaks and you find yourself plummeting to the ocean floor?  The Bridge Tunnel has been up for years and it hasn’t happened yet.  YET.

If you’d like to see a video of this underwater hotel, here’s what I found at YouTube:


Here’s where you can find out more about it.  For seven days and six nights, $15,000 per person when sharing a room with another person ($30,000 per couple).


We still can dream…

Until next time, wavinghand

Island Chick

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