Chincoteague Blueberry Festival ‘12 celebrates National Blueberry Month

Chincoteague Blueberry Festival '12

I meant to blog this days ago.  One of my offline friends (I must be on the computer too much that I’m distinguishing between offline and online friends, lol) so let me rephrase that.  One of my traveling buddies called me up and wanted me to go to the Blueberry Festival that was being held last Saturday.  Of all the years I have been here, I’ve never been.  I love blueberries, especially fresh blueberries and also especially blueberry pancakes, and even though I had a million trillion things to do, I took her up on the offer.

Her name is Barbara and she’s the sweetest person you’d ever want to meet.  If you want to go somewhere, she’s right there in a heartbeat.  I used to work with her and she’s now retired and I quit to work on my PR stuff so we’re perfect candidates to just take off and go wherever we want.

It was…okay. It was nice being with Barbara and doing something that wasn’t PR related or didn’t have to do with cleaning the ex’s house (long story).  Okay I guess I have to explain that one.  My kids’ daddy went to the hospital for a sick stomach and ended up having some of his colon taken out and while there he developed pneumonia (let’s give a rah rah for Riverside) and on top of that he got a stroke on his left side (another rah rah for Riverside who I guess believes in overmedicating people.  Just sayin’).

So anyway, he ended up at the stroke rehabilitative center in Salisbury and is coming home on Wednesday which just so happens is Pony Penning Day here and there will be mobs of people everywhere.  So for the last few weeks, my son and I have been making his home let’s just say more habitable and I have discovered aches and pains I didn’t know existed.

But it’s been a great bonding time with my son who I discovered is more independent and smarter than I gave him credit for.

But back to the Blueberry Festival, if I had to rank this festival 1 – 10, I would give it probably a 7.  Now that’s just me but how many more booths am I going to see with sea glass jewelry?  Good God it was sea glass jewelry this and sea glass jewelry that.  Then there was blueberry preserves.  I didn’t want blueberry preserves, I wanted jam, and the lady behind the booth was telling me something like it’s just as good and I had to tell her no it wasn’t, it has seeds in it which I don’t like.

But I did buy a pint of blueberries outside which I probably could have bought at Walmart.

I don’t know, you had to pay $5 to get in and then once in, it was like how many times am I going to have to walk past sea glass jewelry?

Chincoteague Blueberry Festival '12 - 2

Afterwards, I told Barbara we’re going to play tourist.  I LOVE playing tourist.  All you have to do is walk down the main street and pop in the stores and ogle over all the Chincoteague t-shirts and other island trinkets and act as if you’re having fun doing it.

After we tired of that, we went to eat lunch at Bill’s.  Omg.  Okay so I hadn’t had their steamed shrimp for awhile and good Lord those babies were huge.  And delicious. I had a salad with it which was pretty darn good and omg the coffee.  I hadn’t had coffee for awhile and sitting there with Barbara drinking coffee was just like old times.

Overall, I’d give the festival maybe a 5 instead of a 7 and give Bill’s coffee a perfect 10.

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